After carrying out diagnostic placement assessments on 121 learners at AVI Snackworks last month, we highlighted candidates for the brand new Foundational Learning Certificate (FLC) training programme. The FLC is a new qualification which will address the minimum competence needed in Communications and Mathematical Literacy required by people to function well in the work place and to deal successfully with occupational learning at NQF Levels 2-4.

After kicking off with Maths bridging for 39 learners whose numeracy skills were below the required level, we were thrilled to start our first group of FLC learners with 38 learners undergoing Communication and 46 learners undergoing Mathematical Literacy training.

These learners will be assessed at the end of this month – so keep your eyes peeled for our posts on this pioneering class. Perhaps our next ‘learner of the month’ will come from this exciting group of learners!


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