Fundamental Unit Stds BIGHistorically, trainees have struggled with the demands of language and numeracy in their occupational training. By completing the Foundational Learning Competence (FLC) training and achieving competence, they are better able to cope with workplace training.

Learning Cubed is registered with the IEB to deliver FLC training. This is a part qualification registered at NQF Level 2 with a credit value of 40: 20 credits for FLC in communications and 20 credits for FLC in mathematical literacy.

Our training is classroom based as learners requiring training at this level benefit enormously from face-to-face interaction with a facilitator and also interaction with other learners in terms of group work and sharing of ideas. The learners will be assessed in an external examination administered by the IEB.


Content of foundational communication

There are 7 elements which are covered:

Content of foundational mathematical literacy

There are 6 elements which are covered:



Foundational Learning Competence does not replace ABET and learners will need to be at the correct level to undergo FLC training. Learners write a readiness assessment for both communication and mathematical literacy to determine whether they:


Training duration will be 10 days for communication training and 10 days for mathematics training. Depending on the results of the readiness assessments, a learner might be required to complete 5 days of mathematics bridging before beginning the foundational level mathematics training.

The external assessment will be conducted on completion of training and, if found competent, learners will receive a nationally recognized Foundational Learning Competence certificate. This is a ‘once off’ qualification and unlike the fundamentals of learnerships, will not need to be repeated for different levels of occupational training.