Fundamental Unit Stds Big

We believe that learners respond best to face-to-face training during which facilitators can identify and respond to problems instantly. NQF fundamentals facilitation can be tailored to every group’s needs with weak learners given remediation and strong learners offered extension. Training is therefore classroom based and interactive, with learners being encouraged to ask questions to ensure understanding. Our facilitators are highly qualified and experienced and are committed to ensuring that every learner is given the highest chance of achieving competence in the fundamental unit standards.

Our NQF fundamentals training material is outcomes based and requires a high level of learner participation.  Our material developers are subject matter experts and are continually updating the material to keep it current and relevant to the workplace. Our material is culturally sensitive, user-friendly and contains notes, worked examples, exercises and consolidation revision exercises. Learning Cubed specialises in fundamentals training of NQF levels 2 – 4.