In the Limelight

earning Cubed was started in January 2003 by founding member Linda Schoeman. With 20 years’ experience in teaching mathematics at high school, Linda was ready to move on to new challenges. Having long been concerned about the inequalities in the education system in South Africa, she was delighted to learn of the government’s skills development initiative which would up-skill adults in their work place.

“We receive such great feedback and insightful comments from our learners and it is gratifying to hear about the difference we are making in their lives, particularly with regard to mathematics. We are not only removing their long held fear of mathematics, but replacing it with enjoyment and self-confidence. We receive comments like “I am now able to help my daughter with her maths homework” and “after years of running away from maths, I now feel like Einstein”. Reading these comments and seeing the improvement in their self-esteem makes my heart sing – it reminds me of why I love being involved in adult education.”


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